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Life Insurance from Brooks P. Lynn in Colleyville, Denton, Arlington, Fort Worth

Life Insurance

Protect your family from the unforeseen dangers of the future with affordable life insurance from agent Brooks P. Lynn. 

He can help you pick a plan that will work best for your budget and that will provide your loved ones the help they need in the event of a disaster.

Life insurance doesn’t have to be only for you. If you’re interested in additional protection, you can also cover your children and other members of your family with their own personal life insurance policies.

Please call Brooks P. Lynn Insurance Agent at 817-514-8331 today and inquire about the following plans:

Save money with Term Life Insurance

Various insurance plans can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can protect your family, while staying within your budget. One option available to you is a term insurance plan that allows you to pay a given rate over a designated amount of time. If you were die within that time, your family is given a large sum of money that will help them pay for whatever costs may be incurred. For most people, this is typically the most budget friendly and affordable life insurance plan.

Make a smart investment with Whole Life Insurance

This type of insurance is similar to an investment fund – you’ll be putting a small amount away each month, and as long as you make payments, payout upon your death is guaranteed. Over time as you are making payments into your insurance fund, your deposit is tax deferred while the insurance company is holding it. Also, if you experience some financial straits you can borrow against this fund without having to pay taxes on your money.

The ultimate protection that comes from Universal Life Insurance

This form of insurance is also an investment, but you can also earn interest and use it to pay your premiums. Although premiums tend to be higher, the flexibility of this plan makes this an extremely attractive option. You also earn a higher return with universal life insurance plans compared to whole life insurance plans.

Call Brooks P. Lynn Insurance Agent today at 817-307-7539 to learn more about how life insurance can protect you and your family.


Life Insurance Denton, Colleyville, Arlington, Fort Worth from Brooks P. Lynn Insurance Agent