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Talk to Brooks P. Lynn how to get paid for life and add some stability to your retirement.

Have you maxed out your investment opportunities in your 401(k) plan and IRA's? If you still have funds available to ensure a comfortable retirement, you may want to consider investing in an annuity. These long-term investments are contracts with an insurance company designed to help you maximize your retirement savings. Annuities ease the concerns of outliving your retirement savings and allow you to:

  1. Defer taxes on accumulated earnings until you may enter a lower income tax bracket.
  2. Continue saving for retirement after you have reached contribution limits to 401(k) and Individual Retirement accounts
  3. Create an income stream guaranteed for life
  4. Reduce the volatility of your retirement portfolio

While all annuities offer these advantages, there are three distinct types of annuity, each of which has specific characteristics a potential investor must consider.

An immediate payment annuity is generally purchased in a lump sum and begins paying out monthly almost immediately. It is designed for the retiree to insure that the money he has saved will not suffer the impact of stock market fluctuation. In return for the initial investment, the insurance company guarantees a set payment monthly for a set period of time or for the life of the investor.

A fixed annuity is a contractual agreement with an insurance company which provides a fixed rate of return at the end of an accumulation period over a specified period of time, eliminating market risk. This is considered to be a safe, conservative investment, but you will not see the benefits of market growth.

If your financial position supports investment in an annuity, it is important that you get professional guidance in making the determination as to which investment instrument is most appropriate to your situation.

Besides tax implications, you will want to fully understand the contract and all associated fees. Whether you are interested in immediate payouts, conservative growth, or aggressive investment, annuities may hold the key to maintaining a healthy revenue stream for the rest of your life.
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