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Accident and Disability Insurance

None of us wants to think about what might happen to us if we have an accident or become disabled, but it's something we must address if we are to protect ourselves and our families –  BEFORE disaster occurs. Once it does, it's too late. Accident and disability insurance gives you the means to take care of medical expenses should you have an accident or become disabled, and can give you the money you need to live while you recover from your injuries. If your disability is permanent, this insurance provides needed income if you're no longer able to work or while you transition to a new career.

Some facts to consider - You need accident and disability insurance if:

  • Your employer's policy on you doesn't cover your full salary

Increasingly, employers are dropping this type of insurance coverage; as companies increasingly seek ways to cut costs, these benefits are left by the wayside. Even if you do get employer-based coverage, your employer's  policy will usually only cover 60% of your salary – and benefits are cut off at $5,000 to $10,000 a month before taxes, depending on your specific policy.

In addition, this "60% of salary" insurance coverage doesn't reimburse for income sources like tips, commissions, or bonuses, only salary. This means that if you make a significant amount of your money through tips or commissions instead of through a salary, your employer’s insurance coverage (again, if it exists) will not reimburse you for that lost income. When you buy your own policy, you can make sure you're covered no matter what.

  • You want your coverage to follow you even if you leave your job

Employer-based accident and disability insurance is great, but it stops if you leave that specific job. When you buy your own accident and disability insurance, you can keep your coverage even if you change jobs.

  • You want your benefits to be tax-free

Here's a little-known fact: If you pay your own premiums for your accident and disability insurance coverage, the benefits you receive if you become disabled aren't taxed, unlike those you receive from an employer-paid policy. Yes, that's right: Your employer-paid policy benefits are taxed, but they're not if you pay your own premiums.

Call today, and find out how an accident and disability insurance policy can protect you and your family. It's a simple way to ensure peace of mind.

Accident and Disability coverage from Brooks P. Lynn Insurance